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Okay people, we're back! And this time i'm writing (gonna try my best) on english, since we speak almost as much english as swedish!
The Whitsunday trip was awesome!! Been sailing, kinda..and living on a resort on an island called Hook Island.
The boat was filled, filled i tell you, with germans! It actually felt like we were in germany...Soo..we all now what backpackers thinks of germans..haha, they are PRETTY boring and they keep to themselves all tha time! There was 25 persons going on the sail trip and there were 7 of us who wasn't german. Crazy..

Activities: We went on another dive :D:D although the visibility was pour we atleast got to use the gears again and we stil got it! So that was my fifth dive, and in the great barrier reaf! BOOYA
Snokeling was a big part of the trip, we got to jump out of the railings, on the boat, and i'm so proud that i did it, cuz you all know what i think about hights! And it was high! But the first time i did it with Julian, a kind german guy who jumped with me and held my hand.
Today when we snorkled me and Johanna saw a sea turtle!!!! That's been one of our goals since we got here to Aussie, to see a sea turtle while snorkeling or diving, we were SO HAPPY afterwords!

That trip was for 2 nights and 2 days so now were back in airlie bech and since the rain period was earlie this year, it's raining! kinda sucks but what to do? Ther's a boat after party tonight so we're going! Fun to meet John and Sara again :)

Still feels like i'm on the boat, gonna try to walk straight! Lots of love! /Rosanna


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